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My Posture

We have found our practice has changed markedly over the last few years to have a higher percentage of “too much sitting, too much screen time” type of patients.  However what the smart phone has caused, it also makes it easier to digitally screen for posture.  This screening enables us to more easily evaluate posture and then by using special techniques and exercises, to reliably improve it. This can be done for patients having an injury treated, or as part of a general posture/back rehab program.

Ways to get a lifelong posture:

We recommend yearly postural scans. This lets you see if your posture is improving or worsening. If worsening the earlier picked up on the better.

Postural corrective programs.  First we assess if we can help, then we ask you what you want. Its your body, and your choice.

Postural correction has 3 components:

  1. Spinal correction. Allows the spine to flex and move into the right direction, and reduces the compensated flexion pattern from old injuries.
  2. Postural moulding and strengthening of the muscles to support an improved posture.
  3. Some form of habit re-education, to correct the habit part of posture.