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What we do

We have a great reputation for working on peoples backs.  The clinic has been here since the 60’s initially with the well known and respected Dr Clive Hill at the helm.  Dr Cameron Finlayson took over 14 years ago, and prior to this had an additional 9 years working in other clinics.

So, if you want established and experienced hands working on your back, then this is the place.  Many hundreds of thousands of treatments have been given, so there aren’t many types of backs that we haven’t seen.

You can view what we do here a few different ways.

  • The most basic is yearly postural checks to keep a check on your posture as you age, and pick up change early.  We gift the first one for free.
  • The next is treatment for an injury till basic function improves and the symptoms subside.  We are ACC registered and have a ton of experience in all sorts of back problems.  If you want to contact us our phone number is at the top of the website.  Or else click here.  If your not sure and just want a quick chat that’s fine, leave your details and we can arrange that.
  • Achieving that what we usually prefer to do is fix the spine and posture a bit further, also keeping a healthy maintenance style check on them to ensure they age gracefully and stay useful (allows you to have the energy and function to do what you what to do, for longer).

Healthy spine + posture = healthy nerve system.

But its about you choosing what you want to achieve, not us deciding for you.