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Technique is the type of adjusting that the Chiropractor uses to correct or fix what is happening to the spine.  The Chiropractor at Pt Chevalier Chiropractic is extremely well trained (20 yrs experience) in a variety of Chiropractic techniques.  While the number of techniques available are many and varied the key is to find the technique that suits the patient.

Therefore after careful consideration of your needs we will discuss with you what the best technique is for you and what will get the fastest results. If you have had experience before with a certain technique please discuss this with your Chiropractor.

The main techniques used:

  • Diversified technique: This technique is most commonly associated with chiropractic manual adjustments. For this method,chiropractors apply a gentle precise thrust at the restricted joints with the goal of restoring normal range of motion in the joint.  This is a safe and one of the more effective ways of correcting the joint mechanics.


  • Instrument adjusting: This involves using a small device pictured below.  It basically substitutes speed for force.  Similar to diversified adjusting where the goal is to loosen up the restricted/stiff joints, but a lighter method.  We most often combine mobilising (non-clicking joint movement) with instrument adjusting for a more effective response.  Especially suits children, the elderly, the osteoporotic and people who respond better to lighter techniques.


The main goals of the above adjusting is by restoring normal joint mechanics we ensure normal nerve function at that level, and less joint degeneration.  This also corrects one of the most common sources of spinal pain.

cameron72small  Cameron Finlayson is a Chiropractor in Auckland, New Zealand.  He has 21 years of experience.