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Herniated disc

Evidence-based care is bringing major changes to the management of patients with pain associated with disc-herniation.  There is now broad agreement in medical practice that surgery should generally not be considered for these patients until there has been a trial of conservative non-surgical care.1, 2, 3  Current surgical techniques, even through less invasive than in the past, have significant problems in terms of effectiveness, safety and cost.  Most have no scientific evidence of effectiveness.4 

slipped or herniated disc

Chiropractic is a good example of conservative non-surgical care and has been a blessing to many sufferers of spine and disc problems.  Many patients show not just symptomatic improvement of their main problem, but are often pleasantly surprised at the holistic or whole-body effect of chiropractic care. 5,6

Research notes:

In one study, 27 patients documented with a disc-herniation were given chiropractic care.  Post-care MRIs revealed that 63% of the patients had a reduced or completely reabsorbed a disc-herniation and 78% returned to work.7

In another study, 21 patients were diagnosed by CT scan with lumbar (lower back) disc-herniation. After chiropractic care, their pain disappeared and a follow-up scan six months later showed the disc-herniation had reduced or disappeared in most patients.8

In another study of 517 patients, with protruded lumbar discs, 76.8% had satisfactory results under chiropractic care.9

In another study, 51 patients with disc protrusion confirmed by myelography and electro diagnosis, the adjusted/manipulated chiropractic patients showed significantly greater improvement of spinal mobility and ‘straight leg-raising’ than patients in the physiotherapy group.10

In a study of 102 patients with disc protrusion, the adjusted chiropractic patients did significantly better than the control group.”Patients receiving manipulations enjoyed significantly greater relief of local and radiating acute LBP, spent fewer days with moderate-to-severe pain, and consumed fewer drugs for the control of pain”.11



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Cameron Finlayson treats disc herniations  Cameron Finlayson is a Chiropractor in Auckland, New Zealand for the last 21 years.