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Chiropractic is a profession whose main purpose is to restore function to your spine and nervous system.  We use what are called spinal adjustments, which can be either a more manipulation or a lighter instrument assisted technique, to fix the areas of the spine that are stiffer/tighter than they should (I choose the most appropriate type of Chiropractic adjustment that suits best the spine in front of me).  These faulty joints often create problems with the nerves as they pass by delivering messages to and from the brain.  These faulty joints are often older unhealed chronic joint problems from prior injuries.

Spinal adjustments are a safe and effective strategy for naturally  freeing and working movement back into the joints.  As the movement improves the nerve dysfunction (one of which is pain) improves.  While I’m a big fan of preventative spinal work to keep things going well over time, we get a variety of patients.  Some come in to fix an immediate problem, others for checkups over time.  I assess the spine first and then see how much Chiropractic is suitable for them.  From short term care to cater to an immediate problem, to checkups to look after their spines over time, it is up to the patient to decide how we can help them the most.