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I use Acupuncture /dry needling to help the spinal work.  Some of the helpful effects of the Acupuncture needles;

  1. Reduce muscle tension.  Stiff/subluxated spinal joints produce high levels of muscle tension.  Acupuncture is great at reducing this.
  2. Reduce pain levels.  Both a local and a central pain reducing effect.
  3. Improved blood flow.  Because stiff/subluxated joints are tighter, they have less natural blood flow to the tissues.  Acupuncture reverses this.
  4. Switching the bodies healing response back on.  A recent study found that there were 6 times higher levels of the injury healing hormones around the acupuncture sites.  Useful for old joint injuries that the body has forgotten about/left.

I find Acupuncture a great tool to use to help speed up the effects of the Chiropractic adjusting, and find the adjustments tend to hold longer. It is natural and helps reduce the amounts of risky drugs people would otherwise use for different types of back pain.


A truly groundbreaking study published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine titled, “Acupuncture vs intravenous morphine in the management of acute pain in the ED,” reveals that acupuncture is more effective, faster in relieving pain, and with less adverse effects, than intravenous morphine.