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Link in elderly between posture and brain function.

Upright Posture affects Cognition Function

In this study they found that those elderly that moved more and had a more upright correct posture, not only looked better, but ended up with a brain that worked better.

This important study provides evidence for a link between postural alignment and cognitive functioning in healthy older adults.

In this research study the authors discuss how a decline of mobility and posture affects aging adults. They state that a decline in mobility and worsening posture, with aging is associated with a decline in overall quality of life. Posture refers to the way the muscles and skeletal bones are coordinated to maintain an upright orientation against gravity. Older adults have a tendency to carry their heads and necks forward relative to their torsos.  This was associated with decreased cognitive function.

This study reinforces what research has told us for a while now, that the health of the spine is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle.

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